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Cookbook designed for
Williams-Sonoma in the
United States.

Following a successful career with many of the UK’s most prestigious publishing houses, in 1999 Gaye was headhunted to be the V.P. and Creative Director for Weldon Owen Publishing in San Francisco. On arrival in the U.S Gaye’s first task was to revitalize the look of all the Williams-Sonoma cookbooks, by creating a fresh, modern aesthetic for those books. Her approach was to use clean and classic typography coupled with real food styling. For many of their books, especially the Entertaining series, Gaye often directed photography on location in real homes with the intention of creating a more relaxed and more natural lifestyle appeal.

Other branded publishing projects:

The Joy of Cooking

The Culinary Institute of America

Parenting Magazine

Union Square Hospitality Group

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Health Publishing

Gaye produced many award-winning books on health-related topics in her years working as Creative Director in various UK publishing houses, such as Dorling Kindersley and Mitchell Beazley. In the U.S. as V.P. and Creative Director for Weldon Owen, she produced a series of branded publishing programs for many large companies and corporations. Gaye has designed books covering a wide range of health-related topics for companies such as:

The Body Shop

The Mayo Clinic

The American Medical Association

Men's Health Magazine

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